MIAT presented the first International Immersive Storytelling Masterclass Bootcamp: training the talents of the future.

In July 6, we launched our first SOLD-OUT international immersive storytelling masterclass bootcamp in Milan.

The masterclass, led by international industry professionals, award-winning creators and artists, immersive directors, XR creatives and science-techs was structured over eight days, and designed to touch, understand and experience all the facets of the immersive world and the entire immersive production process from concept and pre-production planning to pitching and distribution: conceptualization, planning, strategies, schedules, workflows, the importance of pre-planning, pretesting and prototyping.

“During the full immersion week, the participants have ranged from topics such as stereos & cameras, 360 producing and filming, immersive audio, virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, game-engines, human, location and object volumetric capture to learn how to create new stories and experiences using new worlds and languages.  They understood and experienced also how VR headsets and MR goggles work and what are the limitations of these technologies for achieving a truly immersive MR.

Last but not least, through lectures and workshops were addressed key topics concerning the narrative, interactivity and immersion, as narrative and character development, world building, user interaction and experience in order to understand how to build the perfect and engaging immersive storytelling and how this could strongly impact in transmitting emotions, increasing empathy and connecting with the audience.

Our participants were assisted by outstanding tutors like Mary Matheson, international award winner, immersive director, executive producer and course coordinator, Giuseppe Calafiore, research manager at the Facebook Reality Labs, MIAT creative director Lewis Ball, sound designer Matteo Milani and XR interactive developer Daniel Stankowski.” Said Elisabetta Rotolo, CEO – Founder of MIAT and tutor for the masterclass.

At the end of the course, tutors and international experts guided the participant through the conceptualization of their immersive project presented afterward to a jury of international commissioners including Dan Tucker, curator, and producer, digital interactive and immersive media expert; Liz Rosenthal, international executive producer, curator, and programmer of the Venice Film Festival VR; Myriam Achard, Chief Partnerships New Media & PR at PHI – Canada; and last but not least Carlo Rodomonti – Strategic Marketing and Digital Responsible at Rai Cinema.

The masterclass, designed to meet the needs of the XR market, providing the future generation of art-tech with artistic, creative and critical thinking, was the first masterclass launched by MIAT, which will be followed by new courses and opportunities for professionals, students, artists and creatives.