Metaverse And NFTs

A Gatheway To The Metaverse: The New Frontier Of Immersion

We conceive, design and create unique experiences for the metaverse, for brand, companies and artists who want to engage their stakeholders in new and unique way. Thanks to our ArTech team of strategists, immersive storytellers, filmmakers, producers, XR developers, 3D artists, animators, sound engineers, metaverse and NFTs experts and to our partnerships with the main metaverse platforms we design and develop engaging journeys into the Metaverse.

Our global award-winning ArTech teams create original digital artworks NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), as a collection or a single item. We also guarantee a smooth purchase flow where authentic products are sold through blockchain, the creation of platform for minting and dedicated market places.

Bulgari Capsule NFTs Collection.

Unique digital art-works.

Our ArTech team worked jointly with Lucia Silvestri and Bulgari team for the first High Jewelry NFT capsule. We created digital artworks using cutting-edge digital technologies with exclusive 3D, digital twins, advanced shaders to simulate real diamonds, emeralds, rubies, amethysts and turquoise, background effects and 2D, combined with animations that use special effects with particle systems and original sound design. 

Ruby Metamorphosis and Emerald Glory are inspired by the real High Bulgari necklaces, while Beyond Wonder is the first NFT jewel, only available in digital format, a creation that goes over materiality.

They were first introduced during the global event Eden The Garden of Wonders High Jewelry collection in Paris and presented also at Vivitech in Paris in June 2022.

Metaverse Experiences.

Engage your customers in a new reality.

Our award-winning ArTech teams of immersive storytellers, filmmakers, producers, XR developers, lead artists, animators, sound engineers, metaverse and NFTs experts support companies and organisations to launch new branded and social experiences in the metaverse.

We support our clients in consulting on the best metaverse platform for their projects, conceiving, designing and developing turn-key metaverse experiences driving innovative and engaging experiences, from costumised metaverse platforms, interactive open worlds 3D games to virtual live events, land live performances.


Create unique artworks.

Together with our ArTech team, we cover the entire process by creating original artistic NFTs for brands, companies and artists.

We assist our clients during all the development of NFTs: from conceptualisation to the realisation of unique and artistic digital tockens that encompass artistic approach, advanced technology and immersive sound.

By using 3D technology, advanced shaders and spatial audio, we can create and deliver to our clients one of a kind digital assets that goes beyond any imagination.

Smart Contract And Minting.

Protect your NFTs.

We cover the entire process by creating original artistic NFTs for brands, companies and artists, the creation of the smart contract and the minting phase.

MIAT Blockchain’s platfrom provides full compliance and user-friendly solution for brands and projects wishing to take their first steps into the NFT ecosystem. We provide a secure and professional code. The integrity of smart contracts is tested and not at risk of being breached.

Thanks to our innovative and safe platform, we can create Digital Certificates on the blockchain, leveraging the power of the smart contracts we created. We can also mint the NFTs on the most popular blockchains and offer a whitelist distribution system to ensure that access to the mint (primary market purchase process) is available only to pre-selected and approved users.