The Manifesto


Multiverse Institute For Arts And Technologies is founded on values which define our identity and support us in our journey of continuous creativity, innovative equation and interdisciplinary focus.

We Are Art-Tech

We combine high-end artistic skills with cutting edge technological expertise and we believe in strengthening the talents of the future. Creativity is a mix of art and science and we sustain both convergent and divergent thinking. We focus art-tech skills in conceiving and creating original bespoke immersive content and sharing knowledge with newcomers in the immersive field.

We Create New Worlds And Languages

We promote and develop research and experimentation in the artistic, emerging technological and process-related fields. We believe in free artistic expression, fostering learning and experimentation to create new languages and dimensions.

We Know How

Our art-tech, marketing, communication and management skills are the backbone of our business. Reliability means having an interdisciplinary approach, inviting input from other artistic, technological and commercial organisations. By developing strategic, creative and technological skills, we evaluate each phase with a broader perspective, to create the best possible content.

We Are Driven By Passion

Through our art-tech multidisciplinary, interpersonal and management skills, we use our passion as a driver of quality for our projects. Our proactive, energetic and dynamic attitude aims at anticipating market needs and connecting art-tech of the future to industry advancements.

We Are Open

We believe in integrating different talents and creating exciting projects and compelling educational programs. We listen to the needs of the industry and we have a collaborative culture among our resources, aimed at sharing ideas and disseminating knowledge. We trust each other and give complete freedom to work, how, when, and where we like.

We Are Transparent

We believe in respect and integrity as structural attitudes that guide our behaviour, internally and externally. We believe in relationships, loyalty and enhancing a culture of innovation.

We Aim High

We believe in excellence as a substantial value in the creation of new art-tech projects.
We seek out new ideas that can inspire our clients and the people around the world who choose our solutions and educational programs. We do not believe in limits. We are solution focused.

We Are Together

We believe in deep collaboration and cross pollination in order to innovate in a way others cannot. We look for partners, not employees. We believe in personal initiative and entrepreneurial approach to further shape and develop the projects we undertake. We know that through collaboration we can build a network which facilitates generative learning, knowledge and bespoke experiences for the immersive sector and for universities, research centres and other art-tech-related communities.

We Bridge Realities

We believe in guiding our clients in the search for new worlds and realities that can offer them new ways of socializing, working, communicating and broadening their business horizons.
We believe in the metaverse. And we aim to build it together.

We Create The Future

We fuel future talents, helping them form hybrid curriculum bonding artistic and technological skills to qualify for a growing industry in search for talents and to become the pivotal resource on which metaverses will be created.