The Institute For Arts And Emerging Technologies

We Strengthen Talents For A Stronger And Better Future.

Our XR Academy delivers cutting edge training in emerging technologies, immersive storytelling, XR directing and producing, immersive Art and XR multi-platform development. We deliver an hands-on and a practitioner-driven industry access program to create the arts and crafts of the future.


Worldwide, there are very few training courses and specialisation programs in universities that address the growing need for professionals with expertise in immersive disciplines. MIAT aims at bridging this gap by providing core competences and hands-on training on the immersive world and how to design immersive projects for both XR and the metaverse.

MIAT offers courses where students and professionals can learn the creative and technological foundations behind this new languages. Participants have the unique chance to qualify for a growing industry in search for talents.

Students and professionals who are excited about answering the call of immersive technologies and want to contribute with their talent to build the metaverse, best stories and immersive productions, with our academy, will gain a unique competitive advantage that no other institution is currently offering.

Our Hands-On Method.

We believe in hands-on learning as the lifeblood for creative and generative learning, allowing participants to learn how to create an immersive project, developing original XR art-works and producing high-end XR experiences to be distributed globally.

Our innovative immersive programs provide artistic, creative, critical thinking with cooperative training methods to design for the future generation of art-techs.  Classes are taught by international industry professionals and award winning artists, in a real-world environment with cutting-edge technologies.

Professionals already working in the XR seeking for more depth

Students in immersive tech, audio-visual, filmaking or gaming

Professionals / Corporations want to learn about XR

Creative who want to expand their skills

Innovative enthusiasts who want to grow in the arts and craft of the future


  • Internal needs and ideas
  • External needs and project


  • Research
  • Project development
  • Productions


  • Immersive audiovisual experience
  • XR interactive production
  • XR and physical computing installations
  • Immersive lbe experience
  • XR trainings

Become The Art-Tech Of the Future.

We offer several formats focused on developing skills in both artistic and emerging technologies. The suitability of our programs vary according to professional profiles, age, and duration and are dedicated to teenagers and adults from 18+

Our Courses


XR Optics – Masterclass Bootcamp

40 hours with team projects onsite; 1 week hands-on design and remote coaching sessions. Final exam and presentation. English Didactic Coming Soon

Typology: Masterclass with International top professionals and scientists

Didactic Material: Slides and Scientific references to Transparent displays, Waveguides and VR Optics; Matlab script with design kit for MR combiners.

Metaverse Narratives: Worldbuilding in Transmedia and Gameplay Masterclass

10-hours Masterclass English Didactic Sat 4/05, Sun 5/05, Sat 11/05 & 12/05

Typology: Online Live Masterclass with International Experts.

Didactic Material: International Case Studies & Related Creative Work.

Spatial Narratives, Web3, Metaverse Strategies & Future of AI Storytelling.

30- hours English Didactic 25th - 28th March 2024

Typology: Masterclass

Didactic Material: Lectures, International Case Studies, Hands-on with AI and VR Technology, Interactive and Peer Workshops, and Final Project.

XR Development Masterclass

TBD English Coming Soon

Typology: Masterclass With International Immersive Guest Artist

Didactic Material: International Case Studies And Curated Pieces, Hands-On With Immersive Technology.

Generative Artificial Intelligence for Visual Storytelling

36 hours and project work. English Didactic 23rd September - 11th October 2024

Typology: 36 Hours Masterclass with Final Project Work with International Professionals.

Didactic Material: International Use Cases, AI tools, ChatGPT & other LLM, Midjourney, Fulljourney, Stable Diffusion, Adobe, Runway and Pika Labs, ElevenLabs, Lovo and Aiva.

Artificial Intelligence For Writing Masterclass

28 hours and project work. English Didactic Second Cohort Coming Soon!

Typology: 28 Hours Masterclass with Final Project Work with International Professionals and Writers.

Didactic Material: International Use Cases, AI tools, ChatGPT & other LLM.


Immersive Storytelling, AI & Metaverse For XRtists.

60-Hour of Immersive Storytelling Masterclass, AI & Metaverse + 8 extra weeks of XR prototyping. English 1st to 10th July 2024

Typology: Masterclass With International Immersive Guest Artists

Didactic Material: International Case Studies, Experiencing Award Curated Pieces, Hands-On with Immersive Technologies, Pitch and XR Prototyping.


Emerging Technologies Orientation Workshop

Flexible from half day to two days based on the corporate’s needs English/Italian Flexible based on the corporate’s needs

Typology: Workshop With International Art-Tech Experts

Didactic Material: International Case Studies, Curated Pieces, Design Thinking Project Development.