Immersive Storytelling & Metaverse Masterclass

From the 11th to 17th of July, MIAT held the SOLD-OUT edition of the Immersive Storytelling and Metaverse Masterclass.

During the full immersion bootcamp, that took place on-site in Milan, 20 filmmakers, art directors, editors, artists, creative directors, producers, journalists, content creators, documentarists, and entrepreneurs, creative teams from SKY and RAI – had the opportunity to discover and deepen the world of XR technologies and the Metaverse.

The masterclass, was a 60 hours bootcamp, led by international industry professionals, global ward-winning lecturers, involving 15 overviews, 16 hands-on workshops 3 global award winners, 11 international lecturers 4 global commissioners.

We trained the students with a multidisciplinary approach combining lectures, XR viewing sessions, sensory, interactive and Lego workshops, and creative and design thinking techniques  in immersive narrative techniques, as well as introducing them to the full platform of immersive tech – 360 film, immersive sound, game engine technology and 3D capture for AR , 6DOF and MR, how immersive technology will develop in the future, pitch creation and public speaking.

To better know the Metaverse, international guest speakers from the major Metaverse platforms introduced their virtual world: Francesco Vincenti from Somnium Space, Alessandro de Grandi from The Nemesis, Hrish Lotlikar from SuperWorld and Becky Lattof from The Sandbox. 

Our participants were supported with one to one mentor training by outstanding tutors our Course Director Mary Matheson, international award winner, immersive director, executive producer and course director, Giuseppe Calafiore, research manager at the Facebook Reality Labs, Francesco Vincenti, Global Business delevoper at SomniumSpace, Ben Huss-Smickler, immersive technologist 360 VR, XR,  Daniel Stankowski, award winning game developer, Matteo Milani award winning sound designer and artists, David Bassuk, creative director and narrative designer and Dan Tucker, Immersive Curator and Executive producer.

At the end of the Masterclass, tutors and international experts guided the participant through the conceptualisation of their immersive projects presented afterward to a jury of international commissioners including Liz Rosenthal, international executive producer, curator, and programmer of the Venice Film Festival VR; Myriam Achard, Chief Partnerships New Media & PR at PHI – Canada, Ana Brzezińska. Immersive Curator at Tribeca Festival and Francesco Vincenti Global Business Development of Somnium Space.

The masterclass was designed to meet the needs of the XR and Metaverse market, strengthening te talents of the future and the next ArTechs to develop artistic and creative mind and a deep technological expertise.

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