Do You Want To Be An Immersive Storyteller Of The Future?

Find out with MIAT International Immersive Storytelling Masterclass – Bootcamp held by our international award-winning immersive director/executive producer Mary Matheson.

You will learn how to create your own immersive project with MIAT‘s innovative hands-on Immersive Storytelling Masterclass. This bootcamp, a 60-hour fully immersion master class, will be taught in small groups and will cover the entire immersive production process from concept and pre-production planning to pitching and distribution:

  • the fundamentals of immersive technology and creative immersive production;
  • conceptualisation of an VR/AR/MR project combining the artistic/creative mind with a cutting-edge technological knowledge;
  • immersive narrative;
  • immersive pre-production, production and post-production techniques;
  • the importance of pre-planning, pretesting and prototyping;
  • the immersive distribution system;
  • pitching techniques.

You will work with an international, multi-disciplinary team of creatives and technologists, who will guide you to ideate and plan your immersive project and pitch it to an panel of international commissioners.

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