Live Performance in the Metaverse – Masterclass Bootcamp

Our Live Performances in the metaverse Masterclass is a 40 hours full immersion pioneer bootcamp, as it provides unique, specialised... Continue reading

XR Optics – Masterclass Bootcamp

The idea behind this course, led by Giuseppe Calafiore, Research Manager at Meta Reality Labs with more than 10 years... Continue reading

XR Interactive Art Program

Our XR Interactive Art Program is a full time immersion hands-on Masterclass where artists will gain deep knowledge of what... Continue reading

Immersive Storytelling & Metaverse – Masterclass Bootcamp

Immersive Storytelling & Metaverse Masterclass is an hands-on training course for immersive content production which is growing extensively at global... Continue reading

XR Technologies Foundations Masterclass

Our XR Foundation Masterclass is a full immersion course aimed at providing a deep knowledge of the XR technologies –... Continue reading