You can be the future of Immersive Storytelling.

“When we talk about Immersive Storytelling, we mean narratives created using emerging technologies such as VR, AR, MR, 360 videos and holograms that create an irresistible sense of presence helping to emotionally connect the visitor. It gives the public the feeling of being there”.

These are the words used by our CEO & founder Elisabetta Rotolo who, during the interview made by Mario Gerosa for Virtual Vernissage, addresses the different topics that will be touched by our first International Immersive Storytelling Masterclass that aims to shape “those multidisciplinary profiles that we call Art-Tech: talents capable of combining the creative and artistic mind with a deep knowledge of emerging technologies, so as to create from the first phase of the concept, narration, production, post-production, construction of the pitch, the financial and distribution strategy projects, contents, products and services that have the creative and technological expression in themselves and that are strictly connected to market needs”.

The Masterclass, continues Elisabetta, will not only touch on insights and potential of the most advanced technologies but will also touch the more humanistic side of immersive storytelling, explaining its changes and “the development of the character in a logic of interaction and immersion and how this could strongly impact on the increase of empathy and emotional resonance“.

“The masterclass will discuss and experiment the different types of interaction and storytelling techniques and how these can influence the experience you want to create and the different types of impact on those who will experience the different types of immersive experience. At the same time, it is necessary to understand the different techniques that are the basis of the storytelling of the future and how, with a creative mind and the technological knowledge that will be acquired in the Masterclass, experiences can be created in all business sectors”.

An innovative program of immense value in a market in continuous and extreme evolution, carried out by our multidisciplinary Art-Tech teams.

“They are global award winning, immersive creators, directors, executive producers, such as Mary Matheson director of our Masterclass and also of the MA of Immersive Storytelling at Royal Holloway of London; Lewis Ball, our Creative Director, International VR Director and Director of Photography – DOP; Dan Stankowski, our global award winning XR Interactive Director who will address all issues related to 6DoF (six degrees of freedom or interactive VR), game engines, 3D, location and human capture fundamental for the storytelling of the future; Matteo Milani is also an award winning Sound Designer with whom the participants will experience the immersive sound that is a must for anyone who wants to tackle the themes of the storytelling of the future and above all opens the mind. You can build wonderful experiences with just sound.

Last but certainly not least, indeed, Giuseppe Calafiore, who is the Manager in charge of the XR Optics center of Facebook Reality Labs. He is an incredible scientist, with him you will learn how AR / VR displays interact with your visual system and your brain to provide the illusion of three-dimensionality and understand the root cause of common visual and perception artifacts and explore a roadmap technology and a series of discoveries necessary to make AR / VR truly engaging “

A Masterclass that will allow you not only to answer questions like “why do we get headaches with virtual reality and how can we reduce this phenomenon? How can we make objects black in AR? How can you turn your phone into a VR headset? ” but also, to create a pitch of your immersive project and finally present it to a panel of international commissioners including RAI Cinema, Dan Tucker, famous international producer and new media digital curator, Liz Rosenthal executive producer, creator of the largest international commissioning program Creative XR and curator of the Venice VR Festival – Venice VR Expanded and the PHI Center of Canada.

A unique and essential experience, capable of teaching you the tricks and mysteries of a “more empathic, more memorable, more interactive, more engaging, created not only of emotions but of experiences, collaboration, and interactions that travel between different realities and media” immersive storytelling that is revolutionizing all sectors, from fashion to marketing but also education, healthcare, and sport, which aim to create increasingly immersive, digital and interactive shopping, training, edutainment and entertainment experiences.

Apply now here, if you want to understand how XR technologies – virtual reality VR, augmented reality AR, and mixed reality MR – are the next frontier for art-tech expression and how to up-skill your knowledge and capabilities to work at global level, in order to answer the call of immersive technologies and meet the demand of this fast-growing market.