MIAT At OnLive Campus!

Last 11th February, during the On-Live Campus 2023, our CEO and Founder Elisabetta Rotolo – who was also part of the scientific committee – took part to the talk “Metaverse and NFT: new technological, educational, professional challenges and new possibilities for live performances”.

During her speech, Elisabetta talked about how the performative arts are benefitting from the new emerging technologies, such as XR and the Metaverse, pointing out how other countries are responding to this change, by valuing the sector thanks to the allocation of funds for labs, startups and projects, and how in MIAT we train professionals, artists, corporates, producers to become experts in conceiving and creating Live performances in virtual platforms as well as producing immersive experiences also for Web3 and the metaverse.

While, as one of the members of the scientific committee of OnLive Campus, Elisabetta talked about the state of art of the sector explaining, criticality, needs and expectations. Towards the realization of a “white paper” to map the current Italian reality and the possible construction of a permanent observatory.

But that is not all. Together with Antonio Baia Reis, Course Director of the Masterclass in Live Performance in the Metaverse, the participants of the workshop had the chance to attend a Live Performance In The Metaverse Workshop. The laboratory was fully booked and the participants explored some VR acting excercises and virtual improvisation.

If you are interested to learn more about virtual performances check out the second edition of our Live Performance In The Metaverse Masterclass!