Metaverse is coming, are you ready?

The Metaverse will explode in 2021 and will begin to become a resource of human co-experience. This is how the virtual world begins to be the new reality.

Socialize and share experiences is a fundamental way of expression, especially in recent years where being connected means everything. This connection will move soon into the Metaverse, a digital place where people seamlessly get together and interact with millions of 3D virtual experiences.

Many fields are preparing for this, especially social, education and art worlds.

As regards the social field, people will meet in virtual worlds not just to play online games but to laugh and share their time and adventures together. A step forward also comes from the fact that virtual worlds are becoming fundamental to improve and exploit new ways of learning, paving the way for innovative educational methods.

Last but not least, the immersive world is a huge opportunity to revolutionize the art and to explode creative industries, such as the entertainment one.

Some examples?

Millions of avatars enjoying collective virtual events, like concerts or movie premieres; virtual meetings for companies; events created for watching a new movie trailer, user-generated videos, or simply enjoy time together attending digital dinner, cocktail, or birthday parties.

Finally, the biggest question remains, what should we expect from 2021?

For now, we can definitely say that we will see an increase in the creation of these immersive virtual events, with millions of avatars enjoying a collective virtual and social presence in the Metaverse, interacting and creating new kind of life experiences.


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