Everyone has a story.

But have you ever tried to tell that story in a totally innovative way?

Emerging technologies, new words and fresh languages could help you in this challenge, and who better than a group of international, award-winning multi-disciplinary team of immersive creators, directors, producers, experts and technologists can help you to understand these innovations to make your storytelling immersive and unforgettable?

MIAT is lunching the Immersive Storytelling Masterclass, a hands-on bootcamp for virtual creative production which is growing extensively at global level, producing high-value immersive contents.

For this reason, we have dropped on our channels the first Masterclass promo, where the course director Mary Matheson, our international award-winner, immersive creator, director, and executive producer, presents the program and the topics that will be learned and experienced during the course.

Watch our new video and apply now here, if you want to understand how XR technologies – virtual reality VR, augmented reality AR, and mixed reality MR – are the next frontier for art-tech expression and how to up-skill your knowledge and capabilities to work at global level, in order to answer the call of immersive technologies and meet the demand of this fast growing market.