What will be the entertainment of the future?

Artists like Ariana Grande, Lil Nax, and Achille Lauro, as well as music festivals, have already landed in the metaverse to create unique concerts and events experiences for their users.

But live performances are not the only events that are helping to shape the metaverse’s entertainment culture: very soon, NFTs may be used to buy tickets to see a movie by your favourite director or gain access to special episodes of TV shows.

Entering the metaverse offers a new way to interact with a young and digital audience, also thanks to user generated content. Creators and creatives can use this environment to let their creativity bloom and let users experience unique immersive experiences.

From an economic point of view, companies that will extend their entertainment events on the metaverse – also because of the increasing demand – will have access to a wider and geographically located target. Moreover, using NFTs, entertainment companies will see their revenues increase by selling exclusive content and merchandising to people.

Do you think this is the future of entertainment?

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