The future of training for future skills

As we know, media consumer attitudes are changing fast – from SVOD to Binge Watching, and now to Immersive Media. In this everchanging scenario, corporations are investing in this new form of immersive media, and the most varied sectors are redefining their business and digital offer, brand strategies, art, and cultural services.

This overall push toward XR implementation is also confirmed by the investment forecasts by IDC (2020) that states that the worldwide total spending for Virtual Reality -VR- and Augmented Reality – AR – of 12 billion dollars in 2020 will increase to 73 billion of dollars by 2024, with an annual growth rate of 54%.

Despite this, all the sectors are experiencing a lack of high-level immersive content, since new types of professions, skills, and talents are required to create compelling immersive experiences to really support the evolution through an effective implementation of emerging technologies.

This leads to a forecast of huge growth in jobs enhanced by VR/AR reaching over 23 million of jobs globally by 2030 (PwC 2019).

New types of skills required will inevitably lead to the creation and the development of new kinds of jobs such as creators, directors for AR/VR/MR contents, software engineers, programmers, XR show runners, XR developers, user interface designers, 3D & graphic designers, web developers, animators and producers for AR/VR/MR contents.

Firms, corporations, and agencies will soon look for what at MIAT we call ART-TECH: professionals and talents able to combine high-end artistic skills with cutting-edge technological expertise, where creativity for them is defined as a mix of art and both convergent and divergent thinking.

A type of talent that in MIAT we are proud to train thanks to our academy where, because of our global winning award immersive artists, technologists and scientists and our experiential method – mixing background and theory, hands-on, sensory and Lego workshop, creative thinking & pitching – participants can learn how XR is shaping the global business, watching curated pieces, experiencing XR production, exercising the typical creativity of immersive world and generating and presenting a creative project to develop an XR pitch.

Alongside to new types of skills, the request for a new type of training is also growing: corporations are more and more frequently asking for corporate training combining immersivity, interactivity and edutainment since this type of training increases confidence, efficiency, and empathy versus traditional learning alternatives.

Onboarding of new employees, diversity and inclusion, soft skills, leadership styles, public speaking, effective communication, negotiation, firm values, mission & vision are those skills and topics which can be transmitted efficiently thanks to this kind of training who, according to a PwC study on VR learning, speed learning up to 4 times, increase emotional connection, and make employees more confident and focused compared to classical alternatives.

For sure is not possible to not mention the increasing importance of the metaverse concerning the training scope, since these new types of virtual experiences, are seen as the next big frontier not just for enhancing education and learning in all its aspects through virtual classes or enhanced training, but also to powering work collaboration, events, social interaction, virtual shopping and more, as well as Metaverse experts.

In the last few days, we have brought our Immersive Storytelling Masterclass as an international case study at the VR/AR Global Summit: Europe Edition event explaining which types of new jobs will be required in the future years and how, through our academy, we are building an offering to efficiently prepare and train these kinds of talents.

Furthermore, our CEO and Founder Elisabetta Rotolo has made a beautiful speech to the exceptional event CPO Lounge Community, the appointment that ADACI dedicates every year to the Top Management of the Purchases and Supply Management, highlighting the call for an increasingly engaging, fascinating, and effective training of the future.

You can find here our academy courses, if you want to understand how XR technologies are the next frontier for art-tech expression and how to up-skill your knowledge and capabilities to work at global level, in order to answer the call of immersive technologies and meet the demand of this fast-growing market.

Or contact us if you are interested in understanding which type of corporate training will better fit with the objectives of your firm.