The Future of Entertainment is Immersive. Our CEO Lights Up DES Malaga 2024!

Our CEO took centre stage at DES 2024 in Malaga, leading a captivating panel discussion titled “The Future of Entertainment is Immersive.” Held on June 13th, this session brought together industry visionaries like Amy Peck, Carlos J. Ochoa, and Andy Fidel, to explore the cutting-edge trends shaping entertainment.

Our CEO, a visionary leader in the field, ignited the conversation by delving into the immense potential of immersive experiences. From mind-blowing XR technologies to immersive storytelling, digital humans, and holograms, the discussion delved into the future of immersive festivals and distribution, exploring how these advancements will revolutionise how we experience entertainment. 

Elisabetta shared a prime example of this, presenting how MIAT conceived, created, and produced a transmedia immersive storytelling brand experience for the global brand Bulgari. This multifaceted project encompassed an immersive Arts exhibition at Le Theatre des Lumières in Seoul and the production of digital artworks, becoming the first NFTs in high jewelry, demonstrating the power of immersive storytelling and Web3 to connect with audiences on a deeper level.

This forward-looking event was a must-attend for anyone passionate about harnessing these technologies to push creative boundaries. We extend a special thank you to Carlos J. Ochoa for his leadership in organising this excellent event.