Stories in XR meet Elisabetta Rotolo

In her interview published by Simonetta Pozzi, our CEO and Founder Elisabetta Rotolo I MBA gave an interesting overview about Extended Realities – XR- technologies, the Metaverse and the need to train the talents of the future.

MIAT with its pool of international and global – winner art-techs, combining high artistic skills with a cutting-edge technological expertise, strengthen the talents of the future and create high-end original immersive experiences for a variety of sectors.

In fact, now more than ever many sectors – including education, healt, retail, tourism, entertainment and repair and maintenance – are implementing XR technologies in their business projects and strategies, leading to an increasing demand of new skills and new professional profiles. 

MIAT XR Academy offers training opportunities to fill the skills gaps that professionals are now experiencing; a work started back in 2016, when Elisabetta already understood the potential of emerging technologies and of immersive storytelling.

Nevertheless, at that time, “there were no hands-on trainings led by international professionals”. To fill this lack, MIAT launched last year the first international “Immersive Storytelling Masterclass”, aimed at transmitting the knowledge to the professional of the future with hands-on training practitioner driven and connected to the market.

Moreover, she addressed one of the trending topics of the last months, the #Metaverse, and how storytelling plays an essential role in this new immersive environment since new complex narrative challenges are coming for professionals who will soon address the need of creating new virtual cities and environments, engaging learning environments, immersive experiences and story – based characters.

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