Skills and training for working in the web 3.0

In an extremely dynamic and constantly evolving market, brands and companies are increasingly oriented towards innovation, driven by the spread of emerging technologies and metaverse.

Companies and professionals need to keep up with the evolving and everchanging job market, which will be increasingly connected to the processes of digital transformation.

In the last months, jobs ads related to web 3.0 have exploded, especially the ones related to the metaverse. Digital and innovation manager, data scientists, 3D game artists and storytellers are just few of the numerous professions sought by companies all around the globe.

Nevertheless, there are very few courses that offer training in integrated and transversal skills of this type to professionals and artists.

For this reason, MIAT launched the International Immersive Storytelling and Metaverse Masterclass, which is designed to understand how emerging technologies and the metaverse are the next frontier for ArTech expression and how to up-skill your knowledge and capabilities to work at global level, in order to answer the call of immersive technologies and meet the demand of this fast-growing market.

To learn more, read the last article on Artribune of our Founder and CEO Elisabetta Rotolo I MBA