How Immersive and Emerging Technologies are Transforming Live Events.

Coachella Event

Engagement, Shareability, Accessibility.

The three words behind the success of Phigital Events, the new frontier of Festivals, Events and Live Performances.

Nowadays the role of immersive and emerging technologies have a disruptive impact on our lives in everything we do, in the way we live, work, communicate, and entertain.

Customers and younger audiences have begun to demand an engaging journey before, during and after the experience through innovative and personalized customer journeys.

[…] At the heart of the word “engagement” lies the Gen Z’s ability to multitask and maintain commitment across multiple digital channels simultaneously (multi-platform). And phygital events offer the opportunity to be hyper-connected, surrounded by AR filters to try out, and VR experiences to immerse in and share.

But what are the strategies for creating an event that stands out?

What are the key actions brands should take to create experiences to Live and increase brand loyalty?

Find out some of the most innovative and successful experiences in the new article “How immersive and emerging technologies are transforming live events.” written by our Ceo & Founder, Elisabetta Rotolo for her latest contribution on Artribune.

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