New possibilities for businesses: the Metaverse

The interest on Metaverse is growing exponentially day by day.

This new virtual space, it is not just a virtual parallel world, but represents a new opportunity that business can exploit to grow.

Indeed, news about the brand entering the Metaverse are taking over the news’ headlines and press releases, capturing consumers’ attention all over the world.

Can every business enter the Metaverse?

As it was possible to observe in recent months businesses, operating in different fields, are entering the Metaverse to change the way they communicate and to increase their reaching potential.

Brands are taking advantage of the potential of Metaverse. Like Nike, that decided to present on the Metaverse the new pair of Jordan, in collaboration with Trevis Scott, reaching an audience of 10 million users in less than 20 minutes. It was possible thanks to Nikeland, the virtual world created ad hoc, in order to allow the users to interact and play sports between them.

Banking is also exploiting this new interface to interact with their clients and to communicate with their staff.

It is also important to mention the retail segment. For example, Gucci in partnership with Roblox, created a space called “Gucci Garden”, that allowed users to experience the brand in a new way, and they also presented a new edition of bags.

Not only companies, but also museums and events sector are moving in this virtual environment. As a result, concerts and exhibition are taking place on the Metaverse: Venice VR Experience or the Meta Biennale are just some of the numerous examples of the combination between culture and technology.

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