MIAT for Rumors d’Ambiente

Metaverse, risk or opportunity?

During the second season of the podcast Rumors d’Ambiente by Repower, our CEO and Founder Elisabetta Rotolo I MBA introduced the metaverse, the business models and how company are approaching these new virtual worlds.

She explained the new consumers behaviours, especially of GenZ, the most important users of metaverse.

An important focus was given on the relationship between the metaverse and sustainability.

Indeed, thanks to the metaverse and emerging technologies, some daily activities can be done on remote or on virtual world and at the same time reducing the amount of CO2 released on the planet.

She highlighted how the world of fashion is using emerging technologies and metaverse also to enhance a more sustainable fashion, for example by using virtual try on, virtual dresses for avatars and digital twins.

Of course, this is just the begging of this first of its kind technological revolution.

Want to learn more? Hear the podcast at the following link