MIAT for Late Tech Show

The first episode of the fourth season of Late tech show Gigi Beltrame opened interviewing our CEO and Founder Elisabetta Rotolo.

During the podcast she introduced what is the Metaverse, the future evolutions, what are the emerging and immersive technologies at the base of the Metaverse and the new anthropological moment where we are now requiring to create new languages and storyliving approaches.

Indeed, we are witnessing a new language, technological and attitudes global switch. 

The new generations of GenZ but also millennials are developing new needs: they are looking for interactive experiences especially with a mix of gaming approach. 

MIAT is at the forefront of conceiving, creating and producing multi-platform projects with a storyliving approach employing ArTech teams with over a decade of international experience in the immersive sector combining an artistic approach with cutting-edge emerging and immersive technologies to generate a powerful feeling of presence, immersion and agency spanning from immersive art exhibitions, NFTs, Metaverse experiences, virtual world building, immersive story based experiences. 

Elisabetta underlined that is key to start a training path, to fully understand this new changing scenario and learn how to create contents and projects with emerging technologies and for the  Metaverse to evolve as individual and companies. 

She has also underlined, during the podcast, how the Metaverse will become more and more an hyperalistic space and also for this reason it is massively important to develop the Metaverse and experiences with ethics with a Human-centric approach where everyone is equal and where everyone can have access to. 

Want to learn more? Hear the podcast at the following link