MIAT at Stereopsia Europe

Our CEO and Founder Elisabetta Rotolo had the amazing opportunity to be one of the speaker at the 14th edition of Stereopsia the Immersion forum with XR4EUROPE.

Together with Ricard Gars, Olivia Papini and Valentino Catricala, moderated by Urszula Gleisner on the 18th of October they discussed an important subject of the XR world: How to train future XR professionals.

During the event our CEO and the other speakers focused on the different educational programs, new pedagogies and innovative methodologies already in place in Europe, ways to attract Generation Z to the immersive sector and how to create educational programs taking advantage of the metaverse.

This topic is very important for the XR industry. Indeed, the whole sector is growing rapidly but we are witnessing a lack of qualified XR professionals with the right skills, ready to work in this changing environment.

In MIAT we are committed to strengthen the Art-Tech, the talents of the future, with our Academy delivering cutting edge educational programs in emerging technologies, immersive storytelling, XR directing and producing, immersive Art and XR multi-platform development, metaverse narrative with hands-on and a practitioner-driven industry access program to create the arts and crafts of the future.

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