MIAT at Step Futurability District!

Last, January 16, 2024 our CEO & Founder, Elisabetta Rotolo, collaborated with STEP FuturAbility District in an enriching workshop titled “The Metaverse AI: New Languages for Artistic Expression.” This collaboration aimed to explore the intersection of XR technologies, Web3 strategies, Metaverse possibilities, and AI’s role in creating groundbreaking artistic experiences and opening new professional paths for young talents. During the workshop, participants delved into new trends, international case studies, and the transformative potential of AI and the Metaverse in the art and creative sectors.

This collaboration aligns with MIAT’s mission to empower the next generation of creative minds entering the tech landscape. Participants gained valuable insights into the vast opportunities presented by emerging and immersive technologies.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the dynamic intersection of art, technology, and innovation at MIAT! 

The complete interview video will soon be available on our website. 

Stay tuned for an experience that transcends boundaries and unlocks the extraordinary in your creative journey.🚀