MIAT at CNBC: Destinazione Metaverso

On the 28th October our CEO and founder Elisabetta Rotolo had the amazing opportunity to be interview by Maria Vittoria Zaglio on CNBC.

She talked about Seoul case meta-city as a possible prototype for cities to enter the metaverse with their digital twins to make easy for citizens to connect with government services and each other, overcome the constraints of time, space and language, and want to explore new ways to improve user experience and satisfaction, as well as improve the city touristic activities thorough virtual tourism, enhance education by connecting 34 Universities offer coaching, collaboration and networking opportunities and improve start-ups business opportunities.

This discussion was very important also because MIAT has collaborated with Bulgari Seoul by creating and producing their Immersive Art Exhibition: Inside a Roman Gem who will be at Les Théatre des Lumiere until December 2022. Trough this collaboration MIAT managed to acknowledge also the technological advancement of the city and the cutting edge technologies they have in place.  

How to communicate in the Metaverse, the need of a shared language and on the perspective for the future, what the industry is missing, storyliving, as the new language of the future, the main use cases in the metaverse, how to attract Gen Z who are the talents of the future and the pivotal role of ethics have been discussed during the interview.