MIAT at AWE Lisbon 2022

On the 21st of October our CEO and founder Elisabetta Rotolo was invited as a speaker at the AWE Eu Conference 2022 in Lisbon on the main stage in the panel:  Accessibility/5G in Europe .

Together with Isabel De Peuter-Rutten and Daria Fedko they discussed the important role of #5G and its accessibility in Europe.

This topic is core for all Europe and MIAT because without a full accessibility, lack of collaboration between private and public sector, clear guidelines and transparency on data protection will impact in the development of the XR ecosystem, hardware, #software and the metaverse. Without a stable and solid #data connection many of the possibilities offered by these new technologies would result unusable.

During the conference all speakers also discussed about: what are the consequences from the lack of accessibility, how are industries, #businesses dealing with this lack daily, what is expected from Europe, and the importance for entrepreneurs and brands to develop the skills needed to build security-by-design, equity-by-design, and privacy-by-design in their technologies.

Want to learn more? Watch the talk here