High Jewellery NFTs: Bulgari and MIAT bring to life on of its kind Artworks.

First presented during the launch of the new Eden Garden of Wonders High Jewellery collection in Paris and then during the VivaTech 2022, the first Bulgari High Jewellery NFTs capsule collection drew the attention of the public, with stunning visuals, immersive sound and Bulgari’s Jewels beauty to offer a whole new jewellery experience.

During the last months, MIAT has collaborated with Bulgari to create original digital Artworks representing Bulgari high-end jewellery creations with exclusive 3D, digital twins, advanced shaders to simulate real diamonds, emeralds, rubies, amethysts, and turquoise, background effects and 2D, combined with animations that use special effects with particle systems and original sound design. 

Our ArTech worked jointly with Lucia Silvestri and Bulgari team to create amazing and unique digital art pieces: Ruby Metamorphosis and Emerald Glory, inspired by the multimillionaire necklaces, and Beyond Wonder, the first NFT jewel only available in digital format, a creation that goes over materiality.

These are not just simple digital copies of jewels, but they are real piece of art.

Every artwork is conceived in a unique structural synchrony, and lives in symbiosis with the other two digital artworks in the Bulgari capsule while still maintaining a uniqueness of identity. A synchronicity also underscored by common or derivative sound elements between the three works, while at the same time each maintaining its own timbral identity.

The creation of the animations was developed in a 3D program using advanced procedural system. The jewels are ‘digital twins’, 3D digital copies of real jewels and of a jewel that does not exist in the real world, designed, and created from a sketch by Bulgari. These digital art-works were then rendered with advanced shaders to mimic the diamonds, amethysts, turquoise and emeralds and material like diamonds, rubys, white gold.

Soundscape with “generative” artistic style, where sound “emerges” as an entity sometimes related to moving images and sometimes not to make it less predictable even after a long playback.

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