Elisabetta Rotolo redefines Arts and Education at #MetaShapers Global Summit

The #MetaShapers Global Summit recently concluded, leaving a trail of inspiration and innovation.  Held on February 21-22, 2024, the summit brought together visionaries and thought leaders from around the world to explore the transformative potential of emerging technologies across industries. 

Our CEO Elisabetta Rotolo took center stage on February 21, captivating audiences with her presentation titled “Reshaping Arts: Web3, AI, and Immersive Tech Narratives in Arts and Education.” 

As the founder of MIAT, her insights into educational innovation and immersive experiences sparked discussions that resonated long after the summit concluded.

The #MetaShapers Global Summit was more than just an event—it was a convergence of minds, a symphony of ideas, and a playground of possibilities set in the Metaverse.

While the summit may have ended, its impact will continue far and wide. Participants left inspired and equipped with fresh insights and perspectives, ready to usher in a new era of creativity and innovation.

Watch the Full Interview:

Stay tuned for future events and initiatives as we continue to reshape the future of arts and education. Your voice, your vision, and your passion are essential in driving positive change in our society.