Elisabetta Rotolo invited to Close the Inaugural Innovation Roadshow in Bologna: Leading the Charge for Technological Advancement

Elisabetta Rotolo, our CEO & Founder, recently has been invited to conclude the two immersive days at the Innovation Roadshow CTE COBO: l’Expo delle Case delle Tecnologie Emergenti, held on March 14-15, 2024, at the prestigious Fondazione Golinelli in vibrant Bologna. Her participation set a new standard in advancing and promoting dialogue around immersive and emerging technologies, Web3, AI, and innovation across all industries.

In her exclusive and much-awaited session, Elisabetta captivated audiences with groundbreaking insights and actionable strategies, empowering attendees to chart a transformative path forward for the Italian industry. Her talk and lecture shed light on the immense potential of immersive tech for innovation, and the impact of Web3 & all Emerging tech in propelling businesses toward greater success in the digital era. She also presented challenges and opportunities that we have to face. 

The Innovation Roadshow, hosted by the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy, Invitalia, and Emerging Technology Houses, brought together businesses, investors, startups, and innovation actors to explore the theme of “IoT and Industry 4.0.” The event kicked off in Bologna, featuring an exclusive exhibition area showcasing the best of Italian CTE technologies and experiments, along with visits to innovation hubs such as the Bologna Technopole to explore cutting-edge advancements like the Super Computer Leonardo and BI-REX Competence Center.

Elisabetta Rotolo, CEO & Founder of MIAT on the stage of CTE COBO Innovation Roadshow 2024

Elisabetta was joined by esteemed colleagues, including Rosa Grimaldi, Massimo Bugani, and Stefano Onofri, among others, in this journey of discovery and collaboration. Their collective contributions underscored the importance of collaboration in driving progress and positioning Italy as a global leader in technology.

Discover the future events and stops of the Innovation Road Show and transformative discussions that unfolded at the Innovation Roadshow CTE COBO.

Stay tuned for future events and opportunities to engage in transformative discussions on technology and innovation. Together, let’s shape the future of industries and drive technological progress forward.