Documentaries and Virtual Reality

The entertainment industry is experiencing a major technological revolution. Immersive journalism and docu-vr are the most important outcomes of the fusion between the documentary sector and emerging technologies.
Thanks to immersive technologies, filmmakers can bring and immerse users in an environment that is very different from their “comfort zone” and let them experience new scenarios.
The result of the fusion between technology and production is an effective empathy machine, which allows the viewer to acquire first-person experience of the events or situations presented in documentaries.
National Geographic with “This is climate change” brings you to visit the most hidden corners of the planet to raise on climate change, the UN film “Clouds over Sidra” shows you the Za’atari camp for Syrian refugees, “Reeducated” of the New Yorker exposes the harsh truths within Xinjiang prison camps, while the Emmy Nominated “Traveling While Black” explains the long story of the restrictions for black Americans. These are just some of the numerous docu vr existing until today.
By increasing viewers’ involvement and interaction, these emerging tools can help promote real change towards a more inclusive, sustainable, and responsible society to leave to future generations.
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