Pioneering Urban Innovation: MIAT CEO Speaks on XR, AI &Future Cities in “5G Towards 6G For Citiverse” Event in Turin!

Our CEO Elisabetta Rotolo was at the forefront of the “5G towards 6G for CitiVerse: How AI, IoT, Blockchain, and XR are Driving Urban Innovation in Future Cities & Communities” event on June 18, 2024, held at OGR Torino, Turin, Italy.

Elisabetta delivered a keynote speech on the main stage: “Immersive Technologies Redefining Experiences in Arts, Marketing, and Gaming.” Attendees explored how these technologies transformed interactions and sparked creativity.

Following the keynote, MIAT CEO participated in the roundtable discussion on “Emerging Technologies and AI for Future Cities: Ethical and Sustainable AI for Urban Innovative Services” joined by  Alberto Mattiello, Urban Futurist, and Guido Boella from the University of Turin and National AI Advisory Board. The session focused on designing the future with ethical, human-centric approaches.

Elisabetta Rotolo Pioneer Urban Innovationa & Smart Cities

The event featured keynote speeches, dynamic roundtable discussions, 20 live demo showcases, and 20 B2B desks. It’s packed with insights and opportunities to network with industry leaders.

Organised by Città Metropolitana di Torino and CTE NEXT, in collaboration with CHAMBERY-TURIN, MIA, and the Italian Technology Cluster for Smart Communities, the event showcased the transformative potential of 5G/6G technologies across various sectors. Attendees engaged in keynote speeches, roundtable discussions, live demos, and networking opportunities with industry leaders. Stay tuned as MIAT continues to lead and explore the future of XR, AI, and immersive technologies.