Creative Professions & AI: MIAT at Milano Digital Week 2023!

In an era where artificial intelligence is permeating every aspect of our lives, have you ever wondered how the lines between human creativity and the artistic potential of machines are intertwining? 

On October 6, 2023, our CEO, Elisabetta, contributed to Milano Digital Week for an exclusive discussion all about the possibilities and potentials of AI and Creativity. Milano Digital Week is a five-day event this year, featuring more than 350 international speakers and experts who have come together to discuss and shape this year’s theme: ‘The Development of Limits.’

During her speech, she analysed how AI can serve as both a tool and a collaborator, giving birth to artworks that challenge traditional notions of art and design. At the same time, she reflected on the ethical and philosophical challenges that arise as machines enter domains traditionally reserved for humanity.Sharing the discussion with her other big experts, including Yuri Mariotti and Andrea Montefusco, wth the moderation of Debora greco from the Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini and Nicola Montefusco, Concepteur for Digital at Deloitte.

A big thanks to Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini and Milano Digital Week for giving us the opportunity to contribute to the innovation and development of the city of Milan. We are proud to continue showcasing and empowering new talents and professionals, teaching them how to push the boundaries and explore new horizons through the implementation of #EmergingTechnologies.

Let’s keep on going beyond limits together!