XR Interactive Art Program


XR Interactive Art Program

60 Hours Masterclass


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Typology: Masterclass With International Immersive Guest Artists

Didactic Material: International Case Studies And Curated Pieces, Hands-On With Immersive Technology.

What the XR Interactive Art Program Include?

60 hours full time immersion Masterclass.

Hands-On Learning With With Cutting-Edge Technology And International Guest Artists of the Immersive Sector.

Experiencing Immersive Curated Pieces With Immersive Technology.

Programs realised by our  International Art-Tech Winning Award Teams.

Project art-work and pitch

Our XR Interactive Art Program is a full time immersion hands-on Masterclass where artists will gain deep knowledge of what are the foundations of the XR technologies, their use at global level in different sectors forging new skills and market for the immersive interactive art-designer of the future. You will work together with international immersive directors; producers; storytellers to create high-end XR art-work with immersive technologies. You will become familiar with hardware and softwares, the human perception and its practical delivery of various types of art via immersive technologies. 
This Intensive hands-on Masterclass and bootcamp led by accomplished industry XR professionals helps artists to get started with the creation of the immersive art experience. Artists can gain practical expertise in conceptualise, pitching and producing a high-end artistic XR art-work.

Who is the XR Interactive Art program For?

Our XR Art program is aimed at emerging, mid career and established artists, students in art or audiovisual art; creative engineers, designers who want to develop experimental art-works with leading and international XR professionals. 

What Will I Learn? 

Participants at this 60 hours full immersive Masterclass will: 

  • Understand the foundations of XR technologies, their potential in the art & cultural business.
  • Discussing the possibilities and constraints of XR technologies and how these technologies are contributing to evolve the art sector and habilitate a new artistic language and business possibilities at global level. 
  • Learn practically how to sharpen your skills, talent, and capabilities to realise high-end 360 and XR art-works also for social impact.
  • Experience and discuss several immersive art-work and 360/VR for good examples with XR technologies.
  • Hear case studies from international artists and art-curators with hands-on experience in this sector.
  • Discuss and learn how to distribute art-work as well as how they are becoming a source to sharpen new international Museums; art galleries; exhibitions businesses in the digital world. 
  • Develop an elevator pitch to be presented to a panel of international commissioners. 
  • Produce their immersive art-work with MIAT.

Our  Masterclass is held for small groups of max 10 participants. For this XR Art Program MIAT international art-tech expert committee selects artists subject to the eligibility criteria.


  • Age: participants must be 18+
  • Track Record: Participants must have experience in relevant creative and artistic  field including performing, filmmaking, audiovisual, production, digital, performance, music (or equivalent) credits.
  • Language: English
MIAT manages all services and activities in compliance with the regulations and indications of local and national authorities.

Other Courses


Emerging Technologies Orientation Workshop

Flexible from half day to two days based on the corporate’s needs English/Italian Flexible based on the corporate’s needs

Typology: Workshop With International Art-Tech Experts

Didactic Material: International Case Studies, Curated Pieces, Design Thinking Project Development


Immersive Storytelling & Metaverse - Masterclass Bootcamp

60 Hours plus coaching sessions with international award-winning multi-disciplinary immersive creators for your project work. English 3rd-11th July 2023 On-site

Typology: Masterclass With International Immersive Guest Artist

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Immersive Creativity Management Masterclass

40-hours English 22nd to 28th November 2023

Typology: Masterclass

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Metaverse Foundations Masterclass

8 hours English Didactic 27th October 2023

Typology: Masterclass

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Metaverse, NFT and Creator Economy Masterclass.

8 hours English Didactic 1st December 2023

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Transmedia & Performance: Building Stories in the Multiverse - Masterclass

15 hours English Didactic November 2023

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Didactic Material: International Case Studies and Related Creative Work

Infinite Games: Engaging in the Metaverse

15 hours English Didactic November 2023

Typology: On-site Masterclass

Didactic Material: International Case Studies and Related Creative Work


Live Performance in the Metaverse - Masterclass Bootcamp

40 hours full time English Didactic From 10th to 16th October 2023

Typology: Masterclass With International Immersive Guest Artist

Didactic Material: International Case Studies, Lectures, Hands-on Exercised and Project based learning.


Metaverse Foundations - Workshop

2 hours or more, depending on company’s needs English Didactic/Italian To be defined with the company

Typology: Workshop

Didactic Material: Slides with background theory, data and international case studies

Artificial Intelligence For Writing Masterclass

28 hours with final project work English Didactic From 4th to 15th December 2023

Typology: 28 Hours Masterclass with Final Project Work with International Professionals and Writers.

Didactic Material: International Use Cases

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